Why can’t I book a class?

For the final 3 weeks in each term our classes will be unavailable to purchase to allow our current members to re-enrol and for class changes. The following terms classes will available online to purchase from the 1st Monday of the holidays.

Can I do a trial?

Yes we offer trial classes for anyone wanting to give it a go before committing to a full term. Booking a trial is essential as spaces are subject to availability – please contact your location to book a trial class. Please note, full term bookings take priority over trial bookings. Should the class that you are booked to trial become full, your trial will be cancelled and you will be notified.

Our trials are $20 for classes that are 1hr or less

$21.00 for 1.5hr class

$25.00 for 2hr class

If you enrol after doing the trial, your trial class will be counted as part of your term and the trial payment will go towards your term fees (only applies for classes booked for the same term as when the trial was take. Trial fees can’t be transferred to a different term booking.)

Make-up Classes

Due to the number of children we have in the gyms we unfortunately can not offer make-up days if your child is unable to attend a class or if a class falls on a statutory holiday or a North Harbour event day.

Class Withdrawals

If you withdraw from a class midterm you will be charged the following:

Week 1 – 1x class (Regardless of attendance)

Week 2 – 2x classes (Regardless of attendance)

Week 3 till the end of each term – all classes up to and including the week you cancel the class (regardless of attendance) PLUS a $20.00 admin fee.

This applies to every class booked on your account per term.


If you want to change your child’s class part way through the term you will be charged the following:

Week 1 – No charge

Week 2 – No charge

Week 3 till the end of each term – a $20.00 admin fee will apply per class change

Exceptions will be made if an NHG staff member has requested the class change or if your child if finding their class too hard or too easy.

Toddler Gym

What age can my child start? Your child can start our Toddler gym class as soon as they start to walk.

What does my child wear to Toddler gym? Clothes that are easy to move around in and bare feet so they can feel the equipment. Layer them up in the winter because it can be cool in the gym.

Can my older child join in?  Yes, because it is good for the Toddlers to see how older children move over the equipment.  However, the older ones must remember that it is a Toddler class, so not push in front.  If you allow your older child/children to join in they are your responsibility and they must respect the rules of the gym.


Kindy Gym

What age can my child start kindy gym? Our Kindy gym programme is for age two to five year olds.

What does my child wear?

Girls: Leggings/T-shirt.

Boys: Shorts/trackies and T-shirt.

Nothing to loose- fitting, no jeans, hair tied back and no jewellery. Layer them up in the winter because it can be cool in the gym. Bare feet for all classes.  We also ask that parents take their shoes off while on the gym floor.

What can I do with my toddler while my other child does Kindy gym? A younger child can either be in a back/front pack or can sit in their pushchair on the side with a snack. We also have a play pen with toys available for little ones. Children are not allowed to be left unsupervised at any time in the gym.

How much do I have to do in my childs session? A parent/caregiver is required to be on the floor with a child to help guide them through the circuits and keep their focus. Help, such as a hand to hold, is required on some equipment.

What happens when my child starts school? When your child turns 5 they will move to a Recreational Gymnastics after school class.


Recreational Gymnastics

What is Recreational Gymnastics? Recreational Gymnastics is a one hour class in either Men’s or Women’s Artistic Gymnastics or Rhythmic Gymnastics. The children are placed in groups according to age and gender. They will learn basic gymnastics shapes and skills on or with the equipment and will build up confidence in balance, spring, body co-ordination and spatial awareness.

Men’s equipment is Floor, Pommel, Rings, Vault, Parallel Bars and High Bar.

Women’s equipment is Vault, Bar, Beam and Floor.

Rhythmic equipment is Freehand, Hoop, Ball, Rope, Clubs and Ribbon.

What age can my child start Recreational Gymnastics? A child can start recreational gymnastics from age 5 upwards.

What does my child wear?

Girls: Leggings & T-shirt or a leotard.

Boys: Shorts or trackies and T-shirt.

Nothing to loose- fitting, no jeans, hair tied back and no jewellery. Layer them up in the winter because it can be cool in the gym. Bare feet for all classes.  We also ask that parents take their shoes off while on the gym floor.

Where can I buy a leotard? Leotards can be bought at all our centers starting from approximately $48.00. There is a selection of new and second hand available. All leotard sales are CASH ONLY.

Can I or do I have to stay while my child does gymnastics?

  1. At the main North Harbour Gymnastics Centre we have a viewing area upstairs where you are welcome to sit and watch your child. You are also welcome to leave your child with us if they are comfortable with you leaving and picking them up afterwards.
  2. At Hibiscus Coast Centre they have very limited seating space for parents to sit and watch due to the size of the premises so drop off and pick up is preferred when possible.
  3. Our Orewa Centre has plenty of seating for parents to stay and watch.
  4. At our Mini Gym at the Glenfield Mall there is no parent seating as we have chosen to dedicate as much space as possible to the gymnasts area. This is a perfect opportunity to have a quiet coffee in the mall or get the weekly shopping done while your child attends gymnastics.

Please note:  For safety and space reasons parents are not allowed on the gymnastics floor in all our centre’s during Recreational classes.


Tumbling Classes

What age can my child start Tumble?  Tumble classes are offered from age 8 to 16 and to both male and female.

What do you wear to Tumble? Tights or shorts and a T-shirt, crop top or leotard. Nothing too loose fitting, bare feet and no jeans please.

What can we do and/or learn at Tumble? Tumble classes use the sprung floors, fast track and sprung tumble track only.

The classes begin with a general gymnastics based warm up/stretch and then move to the main focus of the class, tumble skills. The classes will follow the recreational tumble routines as outlined by our national gymnastics body, GymSport NZ. There are 6 levels for the children to work on and they move up the levels as each one is achieved. There is also an oppourtunity for the children to compete at local recreational competitions if they like.


Adult gym

What is the minimum age for Adult Gym? Adult Gym is for age 16 plus.

What do you wear to Adult Gym? Tights or shorts and a T’shirt or crop top or a leotard. Nothing to loose fitting, bare feet and no jeans please.

What can we do and/or learn at Adult Gym? Adult gym now offers a structured class which runs for 2 hours every Tuesday 7.30pm-9.30pm. The class is based on a recreational gymnastics class with a warm up, stretch and basic skills before moving onto the apparatus. All activities will be under supervision from one of our qualified competitive coaches. All levels are welcome to attend from beginners to ex competitive gymnasts.