Recreational Competition

Exciting news!! Club Champs is just around the corner. This term the children will be learning the skills and routines for this fun event. The event is open to ALL North Harbour gymnasts 5+yrs doing Gymnastics, Rhythmic, Extension, Squad and Tumbling classes. Although the event is not compulsory it is a great way for the children to show off the skills they have been working on.

The Finer Details:

How to Book

All bookings for this event are done online. Please log in to your online account, select TASKS from the top tool bar and select PURCHASES & BOOKINGS. Select the EVENTS heading and click on the age category that your child falls in (see categories below). All entries are $35 and must be booked and paid before the start of the event. Entries close on the 4th June.


  • Artistic (Gymnastics class): Girls & Boys
    – 5 & 6 yrs
    – 7 & 8 yrs
    – 9 + years
  • Rhythmic Gymnastics (RG): (Doing Ribbon, Ball and Freehand)
    – Junior 5-7 yrs
    – Intermediate 8 + yrs
  • Tumbling:
    – Level 1 & 2
    – Extension
    – Competitive (competing in squad competiton)
  • Artistic (Gymnastics) Extension:
    – Level 1
    – Level 2
    – Level 3 & 4 (together)


All gymnasts in the recreational classes will learn their routines throughout this term. Artistic girls & boys compete on Floor, Bars, Beam and Vault. Tumbling will have 3 separate passes of 5-7 skills with each pass counting as a different score. Rhythmic will compete their routines to music doing Ribbon, Ball and Freehand.

The coaches will be there to help the children with their routines and skills on the day. If they need help, are nervous or forget their routines the coaches can help without it affecting the scores.



On The Day

At the start of the competition the children will be warmed up as a group, they will then be called into their individual groups for the competition. At least one coach will be with each group; however, this may not necessarily be your child’s usual coach. Each group will start on a different apparatus. The children will have one ‘warm-up’ turn to practice and then one ‘competition’ turn on each apparatus, which will be judged. When all children have had their turn, all groups will move on to their next apparatus. Depending on the number of groups in the competition one group may be at a rest station per rotation.

Certificates & Medals

All gymnasts will receive a participation certificate and a ribbon for their overall average score. Each routine that the gymnasts perform will receive a score out of 10. Apparatus certificates will be presented to the top 3 gymnasts in each level. All around certificates will be presented to the top 6 gymnasts in each level and medals will be presented to the top 6 gymnasts overall in each level.

What to Wear

A leotard or t-shirt and cotton shorts is fine – nothing too baggy. Please keep long hair tied up and jewelry is best left at home. Children can bring a tracksuit to wear in between their turns. We also have leotards for sale. Please check at reception or ask the supervisor at the center your child attends.