Adult Gymnastics Classes – hbc


If you don’t feel motivated enough to work out by yourself at home or you find going to the gym a bit intimidating then this is the class for you. You don’t have to be a mum, just a woman who wants to get fit.

Our aim is to build your confidence, work out and have heaps of fun.Our Mum-nastics classes are aimed at basic beginners who would like to get in shape while having fun in a gymnastics based program. Gymnastics gives you an overall body work out that is fun and challenging for all ages. The aim is to gain overall body tension and awareness. We do not aim to teach you hard skills on the apparatus so don’t panic!! If you are wanting a class that is based around skills then we have our Adult gym class for men and women. (see below).

The Mum-nastics class structure is as follows:

*Run around and general warm up

*Gymnastics Shapes and Basic Conditioning

*Learning basic skills on the apparatus. Learning to use the beat board on vault for different shaped jumps, small swings on bar, casts, circle up, forward rolls on floor, different balances and shapes on beam, landings etc.

*Stretch and warm down

Day Mumnastics