Aerobics – Eventfinda Stadium

Sports Aerobics is a combination between dance and gymnastics, where athletes perform an energetic and fun pre-choreographed or personally choreographed routine, to upbeat music, with a focus on improving fitness, as well as building self-confidence, self-discipline, getting to meet new friends, all while having lots of fun!

Children are encouraged to do a minimum of two terms back to back so they can work on improving their flexibility, strength and key Aerobics skills.

GYMNASTS USE: Sprung Floor, Foam Pit, and Trampoline


CLASS TIME: The classes begin with a general Aerobics based warm up and stretch. During each term the children will learn skills required to put their routines together. They will also work on overall strength and flexibility which will help with the specific Aerobics skills.

Fun is a large part of the classes and the children will get a chance to put their own choreography and dance moves into their routines. If we have enough interest we may be able to put a few group routines together.

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Day 5-9 y/o

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