In 2021 we launched a new and improved gymnastics program for all recreational gymnasts!

Our classes start as age based classes with the opportunity to progress to Advanced and Extension classes.

HOW IT WORKS: Whether you have prior gymnastics experience or not, you can jump straight into the class that is for your age group! As you progress and if you want to be challenged further, you will have the opportunity to move to an Advanced or Extension class!

We also offer a Gym Foundations class for 5 & 6 year olds! This class focuses on basic gymnastics foundations and is perfect for growing confidence in complete beginners!


Gym Foundations: This class is perfect for kids 5-6 who have never done any sports before and want to brush up on some foundations and grow confidence before moving to our regular Gymnastics class.

Gymnastics: This is our most popular class! You will learn gymnastics skills and work on beam, bars, rings, floor and p-bars. Our Gymnastics class is age based, so you just need to choose your age group and hop right in! You do not need to have done Gym Foundations in order to join Gymnastics.

Advanced Gymnastics:This class is a progression from our regular gymnastics class. It is perfect for kids who love a challenge and want to improve their gymnastics skills further! This class is also age based and is a little longer than the regular Gymnastics class for each age group (except for ages 9+ both Gymnastics and Adv Gymnastics are 2hrs). You do not need to be tested in order to join this class, but we do recommend doing at least 1 term of Gymnastics before joining Advanced Gymnastics.

Extension: This class is a further progression from our Gymnastics and Adv Gymnastics classes and is perfect for kids who want to work towards competitions. This class is by invite only and gymnasts need to be tested in order to join Extension. Gymnasts will be given the opportunity to attend 2 x NHG competitions and 1-2 Auckland based competitions throughout the year. Extension gymnasts are required to do one 2hour class each week and a second 2hour class is encouraged for those wanting to do competitions but is not compulsory.

Rhythmic: This class is perfect for kids whole love music and dancing as well as gymnastics! Rhythmic has a bigger focus on flexibility and expression, whilst still building strength and other gymnastics foundations. Gymnasts learn skills using ball, hoop, ribbon, clubs and rope. This class is also age based.


The class duration increases with the age/level of the gymnasts. This creates the opportunity for the gymnasts to spend more time in the gym as they get older. This means more time on equipment to work on gymnastics skills as well as time to incorporate more strength and flexibility exercises into the classes. This will help the gymnasts achieve their own personal goals more quickly, including moving up levels.


All classes follow a weekly lesson plan which is outlined by our senior coaching staff. This means that each child is learning the same skills as the others in their age bracket, level and/or venue.


Classes are fun based because children learn best through play! The children will set a term goal on each apparatus which they will work towards during the term. If they achieve their goal, they will get a ‘goal card’ to take home and then set a new goal.

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All term fees are based on the number of weeks that are available for each term. We follow the standard school term which ranges from 8 to 11 weeks depending on the term and any public holidays that may fall in the term. Term fees are due in full prior to you starting the classes.

1 HOUR CLASSES: $17.50 a session

  •   9 sessions – $157.50
  • 10 sessions – $175.00

1.5 HOUR CLASSES: $20.80 a session

  •   9 sessions – $187.20
  • 10 sessions – $208.00

2 HOUR CLASSES: $23.00 a session

  •   9 sessions – $207.00
  • 10 sessions – $230.00