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Beginner classes are a fantastic introduction to gymnastics for children who have had limited sporting experience. The classes are based on developing the fundamental movement patterns. We are not born with the ability to perform these skills naturally, so time must be taken to allow the children to learn these skills at their own rate. Good teaching practices, set alongside a structured program is the best and most efficient way for all children to learn these lifelong skills. They are the beginning of physical literacy which help all children to further their academic and physical growth.

Beginner classes are a fantastic introduction to gymnastics and other sports for children who have had limited sporting experience


CLASS TIME: The classes begin with a general warm up game and stretch. Each week the children will spend time learning and practicing the basic gymnastics shapes which are needed for the class they will attend the following terms. Each week the children will do a different circuit which will focus on the fundamental movement patterns (spring, landing, swinging, manipulative skills, rotation, balance).  The beginner classes are usually attended for one term only before the children move to a recreational artistic or rhythmic class.      

TO FINISH: Each week one child will recieve a Waitoa Free Frange Chicken Star of the Week Certificate and sticker for something that they have achieved or done well during the session.

CLASS SIZE: Class numbers are kept at 10 with one qualified coach per class.

CONTACT: T: (09) 443 2570  E:

Day 5-6  y/o
Monday 03:45pm – 04:45pm
Tuesday 03:45pm – 04:45pm
Wednesday 03:45pm – 04:45pm
Thursday 03:45pm – 04:45pm
Friday 03:45pm – 04:45pm
Saturday 01:00pm – 02:00pm
Sunday 11:00am-12:00pm

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