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Harbour’s Extension programme offers a more structured and challenging environment for children who show a particular talent for the sport of gymnastics and would like to do more than one hour per week. The longer sessions help the children attain and master new and more difficult gymnastics skills. They still participate in the Recreational Competitions but in the Extension Level.

We offer 4 levels for girls and 2 levels for Boys. Each level is based on each childs skill level, not their age. Each level will have specific requirements that will need to be met before a child can move across to the next level.

GIRLS USE: Sprung Floor, Beam, Uneven Bars, Vault and Trampoline

BOYS USE: Sprung Floor, High Bar, Vault, Rings, Pommel, Parallel Bars and Trampoline

TERM 1: GymFest Ribbon Festival

TERM 2: New Skills & Term Reports

TERM 3: Club Champs Competition

TERM 4: New Skills & GymFun Badge Testing


WARM UP: Each class starts with a quick run around to warm up the muscles. Then approximately 30 minutes is spent on comprehensive stretching and conditioning – including splits.

APPARATUS: Each week the children will work on different apparatus depending on what the coach has planned for the lesson.

TO FINISH: The children do a short warmdown and stretch to finish and are given some feedback on how they did during the class.

CONTACT: T: (09) 443 2570  E: info@nhgym.co.nz

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