Private Lessons – WHANGAPARAOA

Private lessons offer a one on one environment for those who feel they want to work on specific skills or for those who can’t make our normal gymnastics class times. You will be able to set the tone of each lesson and decide which skills you want to learn. You can book a one off lesson or a whole term. Most skills require some form of strength and flexibility so your coach may set you ‘homework’ to help speed up your progress.

Please note that some gymnastics skills take longer than others to master and most skills cannot be learnt safely in a one off lesson.


WARM UP: The class starts with a quick basic gymnastics warm up and stretch. Your coach will talk to you about which skills you would like to work on during your lesson.

REMAINDER OF YOUR LESSON: Your coach will begin by asking you to perform some basic skills so they can see where you are currently at. Then your coach will set up drills and progressions to help you learn the skills. They will spot you when necessary and will not push you faster than is safely possible.

TO FINISH:Your coach may give you some things to practice at home so that you can make better use of the time you are in your lessons

CLASS SIZE: Maximum 3 people per class $50 for 1 person, $25 per person for lessons with 2 or 3 participants

If you are sharing a lesson with others you must all be wanting to learn the same skill and be at a similar level.

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