rhythmic – Glamorgan School

These classes are dance based and work towards the use of hand held apparatus, such as ball, hoop and ribbon. The lower levels also perform a ‘free hand’ routine which is a dance routine to music. Typically rhythmic gymnasts show very good flexibility and hand eye coordination.

Progression and fun are the main key elements in our Recreational Rhythmic Gymnastics program and there are events at which ribbons, certificates and badges can be earned as children progress and develop their skills throughout the year.

Children are encouraged to do a minimum of two terms back to back so they can work on improving their flexibility, strength and key gymnastics skills.

TERM 1: GymFest Ribbon Festival

TERM 2: New Skills & Term Reports

TERM 3: Club Champs Competition

TERM 4: New Skills

If your child is saying their class is boring or too easy then it means they have possibly out grown the one hour class. In this case it is best to have them evaluated to see where they are at and which class would be best suited for them moving forwards. Please email albany@nhgym.co.nz to organise an evaluation.


CLASS TIME: The classes begin with a general warm up and stretch. The children will work with two to three different apparatus per week where progressions and skills will be worked on as well as the fundamental movement patterns.

TO FINISH: Each week one child will recieve a Waitoa Free Frange Chicken Star of the Week Certificate and sticker for something that they have achieved or done well during the session.

CLASS SIZE: Class numbers are kept at 10 with one qualified coach per class.

CONTACT: T: (09) 443 2570  E: info@nhgym.co.nz

Day 5-7  y/o 8-10 y/o
Wednesday 03:45pm – 04:45pm 04:45pm – 05:45pm