Special Needs – Eventfinda Stadium

Our recreational Special Needs class has a strong focus on the Fundamental Movement patterns, trying new things, gaining confidence and strength.

Each class has one coach and a maximum of 6 children. The class has the whole gym to themselves which means they have room to explore at their own rate and the environment is nice and quiet so they are able to focus on the tasks set for them. Every child requires one accompanying Adult (over 16 years of age) to join them during the class to help them remain focused and active.


CLASS TIME: Each class starts with a warm up on our 18 meter long trampoline where the children learn to jump, build body tension and coordination.

After warm up the children move to a floor circuit which changes slightly each week to add new challenges but without overwhelming the children. The focus of the classes are climbing, hanging, swinging, jumping, balancing, landing and rolling. We aim to provide an environment that builds confidence and is challenging, fun and interactive for the child and their caregivers.

CONTACT: T: (09) 443 2570  E: info@nhgym.co.nz

Day 5-16 y/o
Sunday 12:15 – 1pm