Tumbling – Eventfinda Stadium

Tumbling: This class is perfect for those who love flipping and tumbling! This class works on floor skills only and is level based. Gymnasts are required to complete at least one term of gymnastics or trampoline before joining a tumbling class. Gymnasts will need to be tested or referred by their coach to the Tumbling level that is right for them.


CLASS TIME: The class will have a main focus on skill preparations but the children will also work on strength exercises. We follow Gymnastics NZ’s 6 level Tumbling program and they move up the levels as each one is achieved. There is also an opportunity for the children to compete at local recreational competitions if they like. Tumblers use the sprung floor, 18 meter long trampoline and a competitive trampoline.

CLASS SIZE: Class numbers are kept at 10 with one qualified coach per class.


The gymnasts must be able to do the skills listed in each level before enrolling in that level. If they are not yet at the Level 1 requirements we suggest they enroll in a Recreational Artistic one hour class until they have mastered the skills for this level.

LEVEL 1: Forward and backward rolls, basic handstand, basic cartwheel, basic gymnastics shapes (see below for details)

LEVEL 2: Handstand hold, cartwheel in a straight line, basic round off, dive roll and gymnastic shape holds

LEVEL 3: Standing round off, basic back handspring on tramp, basic front handspring on tramp, basic front tuck on tramp

EXTENSION:Round off back handspring back tuck, 2 back handsprings connected, strong front handspring/flyspring, strong front tuck

COMPETITIVE: Round off 3 flicks, back tuck connected.

GYMNASTICS SHAPES: Front support, back support, tuck rock, standing star, straight, sitting L, dish – arms up, arch, bridge shapes are taught in ALL of our gymnastics programs so if your child does not know the names of these shapes yet we recommend starting them a gymnastics class.

CONTACT: T: (09) 443 2570  E: info@nhgym.co.nz


All term fees are based on the number of weeks that are available for each term. We follow the standard school term which ranges from 8 to 11 weeks depending on the term and any public holidays that may fall in the term. Term fees are due in full prior to you starting the classes.

1.5 HOUR CLASSES: $22.40 a session

  •   9 sessions – $201.60
  • 10 sessions – $224.00

2 HOUR CLASSES: $26.50 a session

  •   9 sessions – $238.50
  • 10 sessions – $265.00