We pride ourselves on running a program that highlights healthy movement and fun.  Our classes are designed to develop each child’s motor skills, which are a prerequisite for reading and writing, through exploring dominant movement patterns and providing physical challenges in a fun-filled session for 4 year olds.

The Stages classes are great for kids who are happy to work away from their parents in order to gain some independence before they start school. While balance, rotation, landing, swinging and jumping are still the main focus of the classes, Stages also offers the opportunity to learn more specific gymnastics skills. In order to keep the structure of the Stages program the same, we ask all parents to sit upstairs in the viewing gallery and not in the gym at any time please. Please Note: All children who attend Stages classes must have done at least one term in a Circuit class and must be 4 years old before attending their first class.




WARM UP: The coach will meet the children at the entrance to the gym where they will be lead to the warm up area, while the parents take their seats upstairs. Each class begins with a structured gymnastic based warm up and game. The children will learn to warm up every part of their body before spending a few minutes on more specific gymnastics shapes.

APPARATUS: Each week the group will work on various apparatus, 1-2 rotations per session.

*Floor, Beam, Bar, Vault, Rings and Trampoline                            

TO FINISH: The children all come together at the end for a high five and stamp. Each week one child will recieve a Waitoa Free Frange Chicken Star of the Week Certificate and sticker for something that they have achieved or done well during the session.

CLASS SIZE: Class numbers are kept at 6 with one qualified coach per class.

CONTACT:  T:(09) 443 2570  E:

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Thursday 3:45pm – 4:45pm