Our Super Circuit classes are for those children who have out grown the Circuit classes but are either too young to attend a Stages class or are not ready to attend a class without having their parents with them. These classes provide extra challenges and stations which the children will be guided through by their parents and the coaches. This gives the children the opportunity to attend the next class up while still enjoying the company of their parents. Suitable for 3-4 year olds who have done at least one term in a Circuit class.

We pride ourselves on running a program that highlights healthy movement and fun.  Our classes are designed to develop each child’s motor skills, which are a prerequisite for reading and writing, through exploring dominant movement patterns and providing physical challenges in a fun-filled session for all.


WARM UP: Each class starts with a game using music or another piece of Kindy equipment. The warm up has different focuses and challenges each week.

CIRCUIT: Classes consist of one big circuit that has stations where parents will be guided on how to support and help their child work on specific gymnastics skills like handstands and cartwheels as well as the important basic skills. You will move around the different stations and work on perfecting each skill. The class is more structured than the circuit classes and best suits gymnasts who can concentrate and are ready to work on the next level of skills.

TO FINISH: The children all come together at the end for a high five and sticker. Each week, one child will recieve a Star of the Week Certificate and sticker for something that they have achieved or done well during the session.

CLASS SIZE: Class numbers are kept at 8 with one – two qualified coaches per class.

CONTACT:  T: (09) 600 1253  E:



All term fees are based on the number of weeks that are available for each term. We follow the standard school term which ranges from 8 to 11 weeks depending on the term and any public holidays that may fall in the term. Term fees are due in full prior to you starting the classes.


  • 8 sessions – $144
  • 9 sessions – $162
  • 10 sessions – $180
  • 11 sessions – $198