Our Toddler classes offer a safe and fun environment for the under 2 year old children to increase their early skills in climbing, balancing, jumping, hanging and rolling.

Toddlers will be introduced to tunnels, ladders, hoops, slides, low balance beams, soft foam stairs, small bars and wedges. Each week provides a different circuit with new challengers as well as some familiar skills so they can learn and develop at their own pace.

These are also great classes for building the parents confidence when dealing with active toddlers.


WARM UP:This age group are too young for a structured warm up so we take them straight to the circuit where the children are allowed to lead and explore the different areas within each circuit as they feel comfortable.

CIRCUIT: Each class consists of two different areas to explore. One area is a circuit which offers the children an oppourtunity to climb, balance, jump, hang, roll etc and the other area provides balls, sliders, ropes, bouncing ponies etc

TO FINISH:The children all come together on the mat to do fine motor skill work and receive a stamp, celebrating their great gymnastics for the day

CLASS SIZE: Class numbers are generally kept between 9-15 with one qualified coaches per class.


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All term fees are based on the number of weeks that are available for each term. We follow the standard school term which ranges from 8 to 11 weeks depending on the term and any public holidays that may fall in the term. Term fees are due in full prior to you starting the classes.

TODDLER CLASSES: $16.30 a session

  •   9 sessions – $146.70
  • 10 sessions – $163.00