Below is a basic outline of each Recreational program that our club offers. If you would like more information please select the club location from the top tool bar and then choose the program you are interested in. To book please click the register button on the left hand side of this page or log in to your account if you are already registered. Our classes run on a first in first served system so if the class you want is full then you can either choose another class or wait until the following term.


The children will learn basic gymnastics skills, movements and shapes on the apparatus listed below. This will help to create routines and lead to harder more complex skills as the children progress at their own pace, over time.

GIRLS USE: 12x12m Sprung Floor, Beam, Uneven Bars, Vault and Trampoline                           

BOYS USE: 12x12m Sprung Floor, High Bar, Vault, Rings, Parallel Bars and Trampoline

**BEGINNER moveMprov (5-6year olds) Foundation Skills and Fundamental movement patterns. Perfect for first timers who haven’t done sport before or children who are a bit shy or lack basic skills or confidence in a sporting environment. Children usually only need to do one term in this class.

**AGES (5-16year olds) Children are grouped by age. Fun based classes with a strong focus on foundation skills and building childrens physical confidence. Great classes to help with all other areas of your childs life.

**1.5 HOURS (7-16 year olds) For those who would like a more challenging and gymnastics specific class. Strong focus on skills, strength and flexibility. Not suitable for beginners.

**EXTENSION (5-16year olds) Invite only. For those children who have a real passion for gymnastics and already have a good understanding of the foundation skills. Good strength, flexibility and work ethic required.

**EXTENSION PLUS (5-16year olds) Invite only. For those girls who want to represent North Harbour at regional recreational competitions and show great physical and mental attributes to succeed in gymnastics. These classes do not require the same number of hours as the National Competitive squads but do require a commitment to the program.


The girls will learn basic gymnastics skills, flexibility and equipment handling skills. The skills will lead to more complex movements and routines will be created to music.

GIRLS USE: 12x12m Carpet Floor, Hoop, Ribbon and Ball

AGES (5-16year olds)

EXTENSION (5-16 year olds)


The children will learn basic skills, holds, kicks, leaps, jumps, turns and flexibility. These skills will help create fast paced, high energy routines to music.

GIRLS & BOYS USE: Floor only

AGES (5-16year olds)

DANCE ACRO (8-16 year olds)

Children will work on skills which can be added to their competitive dance routines. These classes are best suited to children who are already doing dance and want to enhance their current routines. Classes grouped by level. Classes grouped by level and for more details on the skills needed for each level please see the Dance Acro webpage.




TUMBLING (8-16 year olds)

Children will work on floor skills which will eventually become a flowing, powerful tumbling routine. All children will need to continually work on their strenth and flexibility to help as their skills increase. Classes grouped by level and for more details on the skills needed for each level please see the Tumbling webpage.




STRENGTH & FLEXIBILITY (7-16 year olds)

This class are a great addition to your childs other weekly activities. The class works specifically on building strength and increasing flexibility. Suitable for any age or stage.

MINI NINJAS  (4 year olds)

Mini Ninja’s is a 1 hour fun, fast paced, action packed program where children will jump, swing, climb, roll, learn safe landings and push themselves to improve their skills.

The classes are best suited for very active children who are confident away from their parents, like to explore through movement and enjoy challenging themselves.

They will use the gymnastics equipment around the gym but not in a classical gymnastics style. The skills that the children will learn will not always be specific to artistic gymnastics but will always be complimentary.