All classes are returning to gym from Monday 31st of August!

Some class times will shift in order to accommodate all the gymnasts under Level 2 guidelines. Please keep an eye on your emails as we will be contacting the effected classes in the coming days.



Dear parents,

To keep your children, your families and our staff safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have reviewed how North Harbour Gymnastics functions.  This has resulted in us altering some processes in order to reduce the risk of cross-infection within our facilities. This will be a new way of working for all of us, but if everyone in the North Harbour Gymnastics Community understands and follows the guidelines we can make gymnastics a fun and safe place for all.  

We have strict hygiene and physical distancing procedures in place and will continue to adjust to follow any new Ministry of Health and National guidelines to avoid the spread of Covid-19.


Coaches will “sign in” and “sign out” gymnasts using an online attendance register. Any visitors who enter the training facility (such as parents and siblings) will register on a paper form at the entrance. 

In order to facilitate this process, please try to avoid bringing additional people into the gym environment. If possible drop off and collect your child outside the main entrance of the gym. Coaches will collect gymnasts at the main entrance 5 minutes prior to the class start time and will bring all gymnasts out to the main entrance at the end of the session. 

Please consider bringing your own pen to complete the paper form in order to minimise the health risk. 


Our coaches will encourage and remind your children to follow our strict hygiene policy as well as follow the routine themselves. 

They will wash/sanitise their hands: 

  • upon arrival
  • before moving to next apparatus
  • before and after their break
  • after coughing, sneezing, or blowing nose (hand washing with soap!!)
  • after visiting any public space
  • after going to the toilet (hand washing with soap!!)
  • before leaving the gym area

They will disinfect apparatus when possible (e.g. hoops, clubs, ribbon stick grip):

  • when first taking the apparatus
  • before moving to next apparatus
  • every 20-30 minutes if using that apparatus for an extended period of time

Please ensure that your child arrives at the gym in her/his gymnastic outfit as the changing room will be unavailable. 

The hair needs to be in a tight bun so they don’t need to re-do their hair. If it needs to be re-done during a training session then it is not secure enough. (Hint: the key to a secure bun is that the ponytail is secured very, very tightly!) Loose hair leads to a lot of touching of the face!

  • Your child must not attend classes if he/she is experiencing any symptoms of illness, including mild symptoms such as headache, mild cough, mild sore throat etc.
  • If your child arrives displaying symptoms we will follow our Covid-19 emergency plan and isolate your child immediately and will contact you to pick her/him up. Please call the office on (09) 443 2570 once they have arrived.
  • Coaches must also not attend trainings if they are experiencing any symptoms. As we have a limited number of coaches this may mean some disruption to trainings. If a coach is unable to work they will:
  1. Attempt to find a replacement coach for the session
  2. If no replacement coach is available they will inform all parents and provide a zoom link for a zoom session to be held at the same time as the scheduled session. 
  3. If the coach is too ill to coach from home and there is no replacement coach, the session will be cancelled. 

There will be no physical contact between our coaches and gymnasts

  • The training will be held in a way that spotting is not necessary (Emergency spotting to avoid accidents is still taking place)
  • No hugs, no high fives (coaches will find an alternative non-contact way to celebrate their success)

To encourage all our gymnasts to keep at least 1m distance to their team mates and 2m distance to every other group we have the following measures in place:

  • Markings on the floors to identify 1m distances
  • Define which group is using which area for bags and breaks
  • Controlled gymnast access to toilets – One gymnast at a time (one in, one out)

In case we need to apply first aid we will:

  • Provide/prepare adequate accident treatment and ask the child to apply the treatment (ice pack, plaster) themselves if they are able to do so
  • If they are unable to treat themselves, the coach will put on adequate PPE gear and treat the injury. In that case, we will contact you to let you know that we had to come closer than 1m to your child

The schools have cleaning schedules in place in line with alert level 2 requirements. In addition our coaches will disinfect shared surfaces regularly (e.g. wall bars, door knobs etc).

  • Gym bag with their own water bottle with enough water for the whole session (the water fountain is not available). Your child may need to consider bringing 2 water bottles if they usually drink more than one bottle per session. 
  • All apparatus, including ankle weights, stretch bands etc if applicable
  • NO food allowed in the gym
  • Arrive already wearing training gear (no change facilities at the gym)
  • Club-provided apparatus will still be available to use but will need to be disinfected before and after use. We strongly recommend ensuring your child has a full set of personal RG apparatus to ensure minimal health risk.